• No. 15 (2022)

    Special Issue:

    Political Uses of the Past: Public Memory of Slavery and Colonialism

    Edited by Ana Lucia Araujo and Ynaê Lopes dos Santos

  • No. 14 (2022)

    Special Issue:

    Digital Humanities in the Theory and Practice of History

    Edited by Daniel Alves and Eric Brasil

  • No. 13 (2021)

    Special Issue:

    The Polemics of History: Historiographical Debates and Public Life

    Edited by Elisa Lopes da Silva

  • No. 11 (2020)


    Special Issue:

    Provincializing Europe – 20th anniversary

    Edited by José Neves and Marcos Cardão

  • No. 10 (2020)


    Special Issue: 

    Luso-tropical, Oriental, and Post-luso-tropical Medievalisms: Crossroads in the definition of the Portuguese Middle Ages as Brazil’s past

    Edited by Pedro Martins and Maria de Lurdes Rosa

  • No. 8 (2019)


    Thematic dossier: 


    History of the commemorations of the "Portuguese discoveries"

    Edited by Elisa Lopes da Silva and José Miguel Ferreira

  • No. 6 (2018)


    Special issue:


    The History of Hayden White

    Edited by José Neves

  • No. 3 (2016)

    Thematic dossier: 


    The archive and the subaltern 

    Edited by Carolien Stolte e António da Silva Rego