On orientalism in António Lopes Mendes’ writings about O Oriente e a America...





Orientalismo, estudos coloniais, historiografia, memória


The writings of António Lopes Mendes (1835-1894) reveal how Portuguese orientalism was experienced during the nineteenth century. His texts – from A India Portugueza: breve descripção das possessões portuguezas na Ásia, first published in Lisbon in 1886, to his various writings about America and especially Brazil – should be read having in mind the ways the concept of empire and its evolution were understood. Exactly four years after the release of India Portugueza, Lopes Mendes issued in the same publisher (Imprensa Nacional) his work O Oriente e a America: Apontamentos sobre os Usos e Costumes dos Povos da India Portugueza Comparados com os do Brazil. This narrative is the connecting link of his views. We examine the century-old concept of imperial memory in the light of Lopes Mendes’ ways of conceiving it in the context of his time and manipulating the ethno and ideo-landscapes in the imperial spaces he describes.



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Avelar, A. P. M. (2020). On orientalism in António Lopes Mendes’ writings about O Oriente e a America. Práticas Da História. Journal on Theory, Historiography and Uses of the Past, (10), 113–135. https://doi.org/10.48487/pdh.2020.n10.21829